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About us

Global DIY Summit - GREEN Strategic Partners

About us

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Vannucci Piante

Beauty is not only the goal of our work but also the route to achieving it. We take care of our nurseries, respecting the environment and people, as if they were large, evocative gardens.

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Royal Lemkes

Let's plantify® the future. Together.

Plantify® = creating a pleasant life, a vital business and a better world with plants.

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With a rich history spanning over 90 years, we have developed and produced innovative products sold in more than 80 countries. As the market leader for indoor and outdoor planters in Europe, our success is built on long-term customer trust.

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Organizzazione Orlandelli

Orlandelli, with 40 years of expertise in retail space design for plants and flowers, offers innovative concepts to revolutionize your business. Consider adding a plants and flowers department to attract and engage customers with an immersive experience.

Global DIY Summit 2023 - Berlin

Global DIY Summit 2022 - Copenhagen

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